Signals and Systems II (227-0046-10)



Lecturer:   Prof. John Lygeros

The lecture takes place Thursdays from 8h to 10h in ETF, C1.
The exercise classes are Mondays from 14h to 16h in NO, C60 and ML, F36 .

Number Content
00 Introduction
01 Modeling
02 ODEs and Linear Algebra
03 Continuous LTI systems in time domain
04 Energy, controllability and observability
05 Continuous LTI systems in frequency domain
06 Discrete time LTI systems
07 Nonlinear systems


The following online resources provide integral and useful information on the course content:

Class Moodle - official website for all Signal and System Theory II TORQUE content

EduApp - smartphone application that can be used for instant feedback questions during the lecture

Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers - the recommended book for this lecture by K.J. Åström and R.M. Murray

The lecture notes are available in digital form on Moodle.

The slides from the Moodle videos (thanks to Stefan Rickli) Moodle video slides

Recordings of the lectures from spring semester 2012 are available online: videos from 2012



Marta Fochesato ETL K 11 +41 44 632 0958
Efe Balta ETL K 10.1 +41 44 632 4279
Matilde Gargiani ETL K 11 +41 44 632 5125
Xavier Guidetti ETL I 29 +41 44 632 8857
Andrea Martinelli ETL I 15 +41 44 632 4274
Marta Zagorowska ETL I 35 +41 44 632 2934
Riccardo Zuliani ETL K 12 +41 44 632 4923

Splitting in example classes:

Room Students Assistants
NO C60 Last name starting from A to P Assigned on rotational basis
ML F36 Last name starting from R to Z Assigned on rotational basis

Solving the Exercises:

During the examples classes, teaching assistants will be present to answer your questions and help you with the exercises. You should prepare the exercises for the examples session to be able to ask specific questions. We will offer office hours for final exam. You can contact the responsible TAs for questions about particular exercises, or the head TA (Marta Fochesato) for general questions on the course structure.

Exercises and sample solutions:

The exercises and solutions are exclusively published on Moodle.

Short MATLAB introduction:

If you have never worked with MATLAB before, a short introduction can be found here:
Introduction to MATLAB


Past exams:

Spring Term 1st Exam 2nd Exam
2005: taught by W. Schaufelberger Autumn 05 Winter 05/06
2006: taught by W. Schaufelberger Summer 06 Winter 06/07
2007: Summer 07 Winter 07/08
2008: Summer 08 solution Winter 08/09 solution
2009: Summer 09 solution Winter 09/10 solution
2010: Summer 10 solution Winter 10/11 solution
2011: Summer 11 solution Winter 11/12 solution
2012: Summer 12 solution Winter 12/13 solution
2013: Summer 13 solution Winter 13/14 solution
2014: Summer 14 solution Winter 14/15 solution
2015: Summer 15 solution Winter 15/16 solution
2016: Summer 16 solution Winter 16/17 solution
2017: Summer 17 solution Winter 17/18 solution
2018: Summer 18 solution Winter 18/19 solution
2019: Summer 19 solution Winter 19/20 solution
2020: Summer 20 solution Winter 20/21 solution
2021: Summer 21 solution Winter 21/22 solution
2022: Summer 22 Winter 22/23

Exam instructions:

Instructions before the exam, during the exam and after can be found here.