Control Systems II (227-​0216-00L)



Prof. Roy Smith
Automatic Control Laboratory
Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
ETH Zürich

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All organisational matters will be dealt through the online platform Moodle, where you will find the lecture notes, the exercises with their solutions and the information about the office hours and the teaching assistants.

Using the Moodle platform you will be able to ask questions about the exercises or the lectures which can be answered by the assistants, the professor or even by your fellow classmates. We strongly encourage your participation in the discussions and forums in order to improve your understanding of the material. Unfortunately the use of Moodle is restricted to those registered for the class.


The lectures are recorded by the ETH Multimedia Dept.. The link for the lecture podcasts will be active from the beginning of the semester. Prior year's lectures can also be found on the ETH Multimedia site. Please note that the dissemination of these lectures is covered by ETH policies and it is possible that they may not be available outside of the ETH domain.

Below you can find slides and other lecture material. The slides may be revised as errors are found or I think that I have a better way of presenting the material. The date of the latest revision is shown. Those dating from last year may differ from the current lectures, so check for updates just before the lecture.

If you find errors or typographical mistakes in the slides please let Prof. Smith know so that corrections can be made and posted here.

Lecture Lecture slides Extra material Last revised
01 Introduction 18.02.2022
02 Loopshaping design 01.03.2022
03 Weighted sensitivity 08.03.2022
04 Sensitivity function limits 15.03.2022
05 RHP pole/zero limitations SISO limitations 22.03.2022
06 SISO robustness 05.04.2022
07 State-space systems 05.04.2022
08 MIMO Stability and stabilisation Internal stability, MIMO Nyquist 12.04.2022
09 MIMO systems MIMO RHP zeros 26.04.2022
10 MIMO robustness 03.05.2022
11 MIMO control design 10.05.2022
12 Sampled data control 17.05.2022
13 Digital controller design 01.06.2022
14 Respect the Unstable  —   — 

Supplementary Material

Most of the lecture material can be found in the following text book: Multivariable Feedback Control (2nd Edition), S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite, John Wiley and Sons, 2005. ISBN: 0-470-01168-8 (paperback).

The last lecture will include a video of a lecture by Gunter Stein. This lecture was presented at the 1989 Control and Decision Conference and touches upon many of the topics covered in this course. In particular it analyses several technological failures from a control system point of view. The most compelling example is the then recent Chernobyl nuclear disaster and Dr. Stein describes the responsibility of the control system designers, and also control system educators, in this disaster. The material is technical but can be understood by those that have taken this course. He has written an accompanying paper.

The video by Dr. Gunter Stein can be found here: Respect the Unstable.