Semester, Master, and Group Projects

We offer a varierty of semester theses, master theses, and group projects.

I am often asked how to find a thesis. Please find a few hints and paths to your dream project below:

  • the webpage of the Automatic Control Laboratory

  • other institutes with related interests, e.g., IDSC, IRIS, PSL, or LAS

  • best: contact your potential thesis advisor directly (see e.g. here) after carefully scanning her/his webpage and research interests, e.g., a teaching assistant that you got to know in your favorite course.

Many of the theses are advertised as either semester theses, master theses, or group projects. But often they can be easily transformed, e.g., from a master thesis to a bachelor group project.

External theses and projects

You can also look for external projects at a company or another research institution. Often we also offer common projects with our collaborators; see the list below. Some of the items are outdated, but they give you an idea of the type of projects we offer with external collaborators (if you kindly ask they may also create a new project for you):

CSE seminars

Attention to Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) students: please contact me directly if you look for a CSE seminar or project.


Please do not contact me for (summer) internships. ETH Zürich generally does not offer such internships. See here for a list of opportunities.