ETH Control Seminar Series

Note: this seminar series has been replaced by the NCCR Automation seminar series.


Each semester the Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA) and the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) are jointly organizing a control seminar series on control, related disciplines (such as optimization or theoretical computer science), and their applications (in energy, robotics, etc.).


  • The weekly seminars usually take place on Monday, 16:15-17:15 at ETZ E8. Come and join us!

  • The main organizer and contact person for the seminar series is Saverio Bolognani.

  • You can officially enroll in this seminar series via the course number 227-0920-00L.

Past Editions of the ETH Control Seminar Series

Fall 2015

CSS Fall 2015

Spring 2016

CSS Spring 2016

Fall 2016

CSS Fall 2016

Spring 2017

CSS Spring 2017

Fall 2017

CSS Fall 2017

Spring 2018

CSS Spring 2018

Fall 2018

CSS Fall 2018

Spring 2019

CSS Spring 2019

Fall 2019

CSS Fall 2019

If you have any questions about the course, please send an email to me or Saverio Bolognani. We will try to respond promptly. Also make sure to sign up for the control news letter, where we announce the seminar and also broadcast open positions, projects, job or internship announcements.