Florian Dörfler, Prof. Dr.


Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA)
Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITET)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich
Center affiliations: NCCR Automation, AIC, ESC, CLS


Office:       ETL I 26
Phone:      +41 44 632 1211
Email:      mbox{dorfler@ethz.ch}
Address:   Physikstrasse 3, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland
Page:        Official ETH Zürich profile
Orcid:       0000-0002-9649-5305

I am an Associate Professor at the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zürich and Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. I am privileged to work with an outstanding research group.

For the non-scientific audience: if you want to learn more about myself and my discipline, then take a look at this interview or this one. For all the experts, feel free to explore slides, papers, courses, and collaborations linked from this page.

News & Updates

  • 2021: I am in charge of organizing NecSys 22, a conference that I have always been very fond of.

  • 2020: Saverio and I will be teaching an EECI course virtually at KTH (28/9-2/10); see this website. Sign up here.

  • 2019: We were awarded an NCCR speerheaded by my colleague John. More to come…

  • 2019: Congratulations and good luck to Marcello and Dominic who will soon start their tenure track professorships overseas.

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My general research interests are centered around distributed control and optimization in complex, cyber-physical, and networked systems with applications to smart power grids, robotic coordination, and social networks.

Topics of recent interest include

  • stability and control in low-inertia power grids,

  • feedback control via online optimization, and

  • distributed and plug-and-play control and optimization,

all with with applications to power systems operation. Furthermore, I work on

  • data-driven control,

  • social network dynamics and formation,

  • algebraic graph theory, and

  • dynamics in complex networks.

An updated list of publications, preprints, and technical reports can be found here or on Google Scholar. As usual, the recent-most unpublished results are the most exciting. Take a look at these preprints:

Below are some indicative slides and online talks summarizing our work. Take a look here for tutorial slides and here for further research presentations.

INI 2019

Online Feedback Optimization

Technion 2020 DeePC

Data-Enabled Predictive Control

PIK 2017

Virtual Oscillator Control of Converters

ETH 2020

Game Theoretical Inference in Social Networks

BIRS 2017

Control of Low-Inertia Power Systems

PIK 2017

DeePC of Autonomous Energy Systems

Data-Enabled Predictive Control

Online Feedback Optimization

Advanced Grid-Forming Controls

Game Theoretical Inference in Social Networks

Teaching, Projects, Seminars, & Outreach

I am involved in various lecturing, tutoring, and seminar activities; see the left column for a few snippets. If you are interested in bachelor, group, semester, or master projects, then take a look here, see the institute page, or directly contact members of my team who regularly advise such projects.

We regularly host scientific seminars at our institute: see the ETH Control Seminar Series, the institute home page, or sign up for the control news letter, where we also broadcast open positions, projects, job or internship announcements.

My profile on Google Scholar, my full Curriculum Vitae, and a biosketch.