ETH classes

  • Control Systems II (227-​0216-00L). Taught Spring semester 2012–2022. Slides and supplementary material available on dedicated page.

  • System Identification (227-0689-00L). Taught Fall semester 2011 – 2024. The 2011 and 2012 versions were taught jointly with Heinz Koeppl. Slides and supplementary material available on dedicated page.

  • Building Control & Automation (227-​0680-00L). Taught Spring Semester 2015 – 2024, Jointly with John Lygeros, Conrad Gähler, Ralph Evins (2015–2016), Andrew Bollinger (2017–2021), Mathias Hudoba de Badyn (2023), and Mashael Yazdanie (2022–2024). Slides and supplementary material available on dedicated page.

  • Robust Control & Convex Optimisation (227-0690-13L). Taught Spring 2023 – 2024. This class was originally offered as Advanced Topics in Control (227-0690-03L) and was taught in Spring Semester 2012 and 2014, jointly with Paul Goulart.

Ashesi University classes

UC Santa Barbara classes

  • ECE 130a: Signals and Systems

  • ECE 147a: Feedback Control Systems Theory and Design

  • ECE 147b: Digital Control Systems Theory and Design

  • ECE 147c, ME 106a: Control Systems Design Project

  • ECE 210a, Math 206a, CMPSC 211a, ME 210a, ChE 211a: Matrix Analysis and Computation

  • ECE 232: Robust Control; Theory and Applications

  • ECE 234: Modeling and Identification for Control

  • ECE 238: Advanced Control Design Laboratory

  • ECE 247: System Identification

  • ECE 249: Adaptive Control

  • ECE 271a: Principles of Optimization

  • ECE 290: Ethics in Academic and Industrial Research

  • ECE 594d: Linear Matrix Inequalities in Systems and Control

  • Engineering Design for the Developing World

Caltech classes

As a post-doc at Caltech I was responsible for teaching the following classes:

  • EE175 Optimisation and Optimal Control (Fall quarter 1989).

  • E/ChE102b Robust control (Winter quarter 1990).

  • E/ChE102c Robust control (Spring quarter 1990).

Short courses

  • Robust Control & Convex Optimization (10 lectures, presented April - June, 2010, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden).

  • Airborne Wind Energy System Modelling, Control and Optimisation (AWESCO) Summer school, 2017. Topics: Robust control (5 lectures), Optimization (3 lectures), Identification (5 lectures), Ethics (3 lectures).