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Authors and Contributors

The first version of MPT was originally created in fall 2003 by Michal Kvasnica, Pascal Grieder, and Mato Baotic, based on Pascal's ifa_mpqp package and Mato's polytope library. Since then, numerous people devoted their time and effort to include functionality, improve existing code, or to report bugs. Because we value every contribution, the following list of contributors is sorted alphabetically:

Baotic, Mato MPT lead developer; focus on polytope library, optimal control of PWA systems
Baric, Miroslav mpLP solvers, optimal control of PWA systems
Biswas, Pratik piecewise polynomial Lyapunov functions
Cagienard, Raphael move blocking strategies
Christophersen, Frank J. documentation template, graphical routines, optimal control of PWA systems
Ferrari-Trecate, Gianni Hybrid Identification Toolbox
Fukuda, Komei computational geometry package CDD
Geyer, Tobias region merging, on-line MPC for hybrid systems, hybrid-to-PWA conversion
Grieder, Pascal MPT lead developer; focus on stability analysis, sub-optimal control
Jones, Colin N. polytope projection package ESP
Kurzhanskiy, Alex Ellipsoidal Toolbox
Kvasnica, Michal MPT lead developer; focus on framework, structure, interface, performance
Linder, Arne search trees, extensive testing
Leutenegger, Marcel status bar script
Löfberg, Johan optimization package YALMIP
Suard, Raphael efficient removal of redundant constraints in polytopes, projection algorithms
Torrisi, Fabio D. hybrid systems modeling language HYSDEL
Vasak, Mario improvements of convex hulls computation

We would also like to acknowledge the late Jos Sturm (SeDuMi) for providing an efficient SDP solver under the General Public Licence (GPL).


Our special thanks goes to Arne Linder and Johan Löfberg for their endeavoring effort in providing very useful suggestions and testing the toolbox.

Boris Tetrev is gratefully acknowledged for providing the MPT logo.

We are also grateful to the following people for helpful discussions and input:

Sasa V. Rakovic, Adam Lagerberg, Alberto Bemporad, Francesco Borrelli, Eric C. Kerrigan, Nicolo Giorgetti, Kari Unneland, Andrea G. Beccuti, Arno van der Heijden, Hao Xia, Jian Wan, J.S. Wang, Marcin Cychowski, Peter Ortner, Tina Paschedag, Urban Maeder, Leonidas Dristas, Zhi Han, Wei Zhuo, Alessandro Magnani, Alessandro Pinto, Antoine Rennuit, Leo Grady, Viviana Miranda Ureta, Blazej Cichy.


We strongly encourage anyone to participate in the development of the toolbox. If you have code which suits the general topic of the toolbox, please contact us under Note that all contributions will be properly acknowledged.