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Members of the group

The members of the speech group are active in three domains: Primarily, each group member is engaged in one of the research projects or alternatively in a KTI project (knowledge transfer project supported by the Swiss authorities, i.e., the "Kommission für Technologie und Innovation"). Additionally, everyone has some teaching duties and has to supervise student projects.

The third domain includes consulting and developments for the industry. In the course of time the size of the group varied between five and ten members. Typically, the group members are young postgraduate researchers (electrical engineers, computer scientists and linguists) doing their Ph.D. thesis (some examples are: [Rus90], [Hub91], [Tra95], [Hut96], [Rie98], [Beu07], [Rom09b], [Kau09], [Ger11], [Ewe12], [Hof14] and [Nag15].

Members of the former speech processing group were (since 1996):

Dr. Beat Pfister  (head of the group; retired)

Dr. Hui Liang  (until 2015)
Dr. Tofigh Naghibi  (until 2015)
Dr. Sarah Hoffmann  (until 2014)
Dr. Thomas Ewender  (until 2013)
Dr. Michael Gerber  (until 2011)
Dr. Tobias Kaufmann  (until 2010)
Dr. Harald Romsdorfer  (until 2009)
Tobias Gemperli  (until 2008)
Dr. René Beutler  (until 2007)
Alexis Wilpert  (until 2006)
Michael Haslebacher  (until 2005)
Ulrike Glavitsch Eggler  (until 2004)
Philipp Frei  (until 2004)
Katharina Boesefeldt Hess  (until 2002)
Gunnar Lehtinen  (until 2002)
Dr. Christof Traber  (until 2002)
Volker Jantzen  (until 2001)
Maximilian Gauger  (until 2000)
Schamai Safra  (until 2000)
Dr. Marcel Riedi  (until 1998)
Dr. Karl Huber  (until 1998)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Hutter  (until 1996)

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