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SVOX: High-quality text-to-speech system for German

The SVOX text-to-speech system is the result of several research projects which addressed very different problems such as morphological and syntactic analysis of German words and sentences, accentuation and phrasing, prosody control (in particular fundamental frequency and phone duration), speech production, etc. The major part of the investigations were concerned with the prosody control and the syntactic and morphological analysis. Some publications related to SVOX or the speech synthesis topic in general are: [Hub90], [Rus90], [Hub91], [Tra93], [Rie95], [Tra95], [Pfi96b], [Pfi96a], [Rie97], [Tra97], [PH98], [Rie98].

In order to provide an impression of the synthetic speech, there a some presynthesized examples and an interactive demo of SVOX is also available.

For some synoptic information on the concept of the SVOX text-to-speech system, please refer to the short description of SVOX in [Pfi95].

Supported by: The various projects in the framework of SVOX have been supported mainly by the Bundesamt für Bildung und Wissenschaft and the Research Division of Swisscom, but also by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the ETH Zurich.

In collaboration with: Research teams in the framework of COST Action 233 and COST Action 258

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