Samuel Balula

Ph.D. Candidate

ETH Zürich
Automatic Control Laboratory
Physikstrasse 3, ETL K 10.1
8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 53 21

Photo: Samuel Balula

About me

I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA) of ETH Zürich, under the supervision of Prof. John Lygeros and Dr. Alisa Rupenyan, and affiliated with inspire. I'm currently working on merging data-driven and first principle modelling to control high performance systems in industrial environments.

Brief Biography

I've studied Engineering Physics at Técnico Lisboa, B.Sc. 2014, M.Sc. 2016.

I was the head of research at Trigger Systems, a young startup developing cloud based IoT control systems for agriculture, water and energy management, 2017-18.

In June 2018 I joined IfA.

Open positions for Semester Projects and Master Thesis

Robust Data-driven Iterative Learning Control of Manufacturing Processes

I welcome your email regarding information about the listed projects, others that may not be published and discuss your own ideas.

Current project supervisions

Type, Project Title
Student Supervisor Professor Start Date

Past project supervisions

Type, Project Title
Student Supervisor Professor End Date
SA Optimizing Control for CodinGame racing bot Silvia Ritsch Samuel Balula, Anil Parsi Dörfler 09.2020
SA Control of a paramotor III Gianni Pasini Samuel Balula, Eva Ahbe Smith 07.2020
SA Control and Testing of a Travelling Wave Thermoacoustic Machines Tim Liechti Andrea Iannelli, Samuel Balula Smith 07.2020
SA Machine Learning Modelling for Path-following Control Jonas Holzem Alisa Rupenyan, Samuel Balula Lygeros 06.2020
MA Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mini Racing Cars Eugenio Chisari Alisa Rupenyan, Alex Liniger, Samuel Balula Lygeros 03.2020
MA Spin Shots for a Robotic Billiard Player Luzian Hug Samuel Balula, Sandeep Menta, Joe Warrington Lygeros 03.2020
SA Real-time Artificial Intelligence for a Robot Billiard Player Andreas Schlaginhaufen Samuel Balula, Sandeep Menta, Joe Warrington Lygeros 04.2020
SA Design and deployment of a control board for thermoacoustic experiments Martin Stefan Baumann Andrea Iannelli, Samuel Balula Smith 01.2020
SA Control of an Autonomous Paramodel II Timo Laaksonlaita Eva Ahbe, Samuel Balula Smith 01.2020
SA Machine learning of billiard ball dynamics Divya Guruswamy Samuel Balula, Sandeep Menta, Joe Warrington Lygeros 12.2019
MA Implementation of a Convex Optimization Algorithm on a Graphics Processing Unit Michel Schubiger Goran Banjac, Samuel Balula Lygeros 02.2019
SA Autonomous Flight of a Paramotor I Ivan Gehri Eva Ahbe, Samuel Balula Dörfler 01.2019
GA System identification and control of a hydroponic based gardening system Almeida / Clarysse / Vahlensieck Samuel Bal­ula Lygeros 07.2019
GA Building a Control System for the Hydroponic Gardening System Baltazar Almeida / Clarysse / Clarysse / Schleicher / Vahlensieck Samuel Bal­ula Ly­geros 02.2019

MA = Master project, SA = Semester project, GA = Group bachelor project


I'm currently a TA of the course System Identification (227-0689).

Honours and prizes

My master thesis "Non linear control of an inverted pendulum" was awarded the Prof. Luís Vidigal Prize, and the APCA 2018 Master of Science Thesis Award.

Publication List
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