In Spring Semester 2019 I taught the following courses:

I have reformatted 4 lectures on polynomial optimization for control (moment and sum-of-squares methods) into stand-alone material. These were originally taught as the final part of Advanced Topics in Control in Spring Semester 2019.

  • Lecture 1 – The Moment-Sum-of-Squares Hierarchy
  • Lecture 2 – Sum-of-Squares Lyapunov Methods
  • Lecture 3 – Polynomial Methods for Robotics
  • Lecture 4 – Robust Motion Planning using SOS Methods

In Spring Semester 2017 I taught part of the graduate course Game Theory and Control.

Student projects

I am supervising or co-supervising the student projects listed below. I also welcome speculative applications from students with excellent track records, depending on current supervision commitments.

New projects listed summer 2019:

Current and recent projects: