Drive 360 Dataset

Drive360 is a new dataset to advance the area of learning to drive for autonomous driving.

Get Drive360

This dataset is released as part of an ICCV 2019 Workshop challenge. Please register for the competition to get the dataset which will provide a download link once registered.
Challenge particpants, upon signing up, will receive 1) three csv files (one for each of the three sub-sets) that specify the synchronized image paths, road attributes, GPS and the CAN bus control labels (for the train and validation set); and 2) a link to all the images extracted from the videos.

Drive360 Information

This dataset is particulary well suited for learning end-to-end driving models, as it supplies the recorded low-level maneuvers of the driver such as steering wheel angle and vehicle speed. It offers 60 hours translating to around 3000km of driving in diverse settings around Switzerland. In contrast to existing datasets, we supply surround-view video and route planning modules to enable learning in a more realistic setting.

More information is available on the challenge website!