Control of Constrained Hybrid Systems

CDDMEX - Matlab interface for the CDD solver

What is this software about?

CDD is a software package written by Komei Fukuda which boasts a wide array of efficient algorithms for many polytope manipulations as well as a fast LP solver. The CDD library is free and available from the link below. Fabio Torrisi and Mato Baotic wrote a MATLAB interface, which allows calls to CDD from within MATLAB. This can be very useful for those users who do not whish to purchase expensive solvers and are unhappy with MATLAB's LINPROG.

Development Notice

Please note that CDDMEX is now maintained as part of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox 3.0 (MPT 3). We strongly advise to use the current version provided as part of MPT 3 and only use the interface provided on this page as a fallback option in case backwards compatibility is an issue.


Please note that this software is experimental and non-commercial. It is the user's responsibility in assessing the correctness of the theory and software implementation before putting it to use in their own research or exploiting the results commercially.


CDDMEX compiled with different versions of the CDDLIB package:

CDDMEX was programmed by Fabio Torrisi and Mato Baotic.