Cyberphysical Systems and Sensor Networks

The research in the area of sensor networks is managed by Dr. Jan Beutel.

We investigate one extreme in the design space of communicating embedded systems: low energy, small size, large-scale distribution. In particular, we approach research problems in the design, implementation and deployment of wireless sensor networks and cyberphysical systems.

In particular, we are interested in the following subjects:

  • deployment of sensor networks in extreme real-word settings with the ultimate goal to replace the current "trial-and-error deployment practice" with a systematic approach;
  • methods and tools for designing cyberphysical systems that are reliable and can be used in applications with high dependability requirements;
  • development of formal methods for specific problems such as time synchronization, validation of non-functional properties, topology control, testing, real-time wireless protocols;
  • energy harvesting and application control;
  • investigation of serious applications such as environmental sensing (permafrost), air quality sensing, and safety networks in buildings;

Further information can be found on the specific home pages of research projects we are and have been involved in:

Some selected publications since 2000: Publications on Sensor Networks.