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I am Panayotis Antoniadis and I recently joined the Communication Systems Group at ETH Zurich.

I pursue an interdisciplinary research agenda combining computer science, networking, economics, community informatics, and urban studies, around an open source ICT framework for creating hybrid spaces that encourage information sharing, civic engagement, and conviviality.

Email: surname@tik.ee.ethz.ch

CV: long [pdf], short [txt].

Current research

My research is partially supported by the Network of Excellence in Internet Science and the following paper, co-authored with I. Apostol, summarizes the core ideas and long-term vision of the nethood project: The Neighbourhood Game: from behavioural economics to urban planning, 1st Internation Conference on Internet Science, Brussels, April 10-11 2013. [paper, slides]

This period we spend most of our time studying related work from different disciplines and discovering similar projects (there are many!). We will soon present and synthesize all this material at this web site: http://nethood.org.

In the mean time you can check the abstracts presented in conferences of different disciplines (sociology, urban planning, behavioural economics) touching on different dimensions of the main idea of the NetHood project (journal versions are under preparation):

  • ICT-mediated Information Sharing in Public Spaces
    P. Antoniadis, I. Apostol, K. Guevara, and S. Trifunovic
    World Social Science Forum 2013, 13-15th October, Montreal, 2013 [abstract]
  • The Neighbourhood Game: an Information Sharing Experiment in Real Life
    P. Antoniadis
    15th International Conference on Social Dilemmas (ICSP), Zurich, 10-13th July, 2013 [abstract]
  • NetHood: A social learning approach for hybrid space design
    P. Antoniadis and I. Apostol
    Joint AESOP/ACSP Planning Congress, Track on "Spatial and Planning Analysis Methods in a Digital World", Dublin, Ireland, July 15-19, 2013 [abstract]
  • ICT Ownership and the right to the hybrid city
    P. Antoniadis
    International Conference on "Using ICT, Social Media and Mobile Technologies to Foster Self-Organisation in Urban and Neighbourhood Governance", Delft, 16-17 May, 2013. [abstract]

Selected publications [complete list | all bibtex | citations]

Hybrid communities and urban planning

  • The Neighbourhood Game: from behavioural economics to urban planning
    P. Antoniadis, and I. Apostol
    1st International Conference on Internet Science, Brussels, April 10-11 2013. [paper, slides]
  • Flânerie between Net and Place: Possibilities for Participation in Planning
    I. Apostol, P. Antoniadis, and T. Banerjee
    Journal of Planning Education and Research (SAGE), 33(1): 20-33. [publisher]

  • Cyberspace Design: A New Challenge for Planners
    I. Apostol, P. Antoniadis, and T. Banerjee
    ICE Journal of Urban Design and Planning, in print. [publisher ]

  • USB Nets: From Message Ferrying to Leisure
    P. Antoniadis, L. Chen, and F. Legendre
    Proceedings of ACM ExtremeCom, 2012 [pdf]

  • From Face-Block to Facebook or the Other Way Around?
    I. Apostol, P. Antoniadis, and T. Banerjee
    International workshop on Sustainable City and Creativity [pdf]

  • See also: http://nethood.org

Social networks analysis and mining
  • Ranking news articles based on popularity prediction
    A. Tatar, P. Antoniadis, M. Dias de Amorim, and S. Fdida
    Proceedings of ASONAM 2012 [pdf]

  • Faving Reciprocity in Content Sharing Communities
    (A Comparative Analysis of Flickr and Twitter)

    J.G. Lee, P. Antoniadis, and K. Salamatian
    Proceedings of ASONAM 2010 [pdf]

Federation economics and testbeds
  • Federation of virtualized infrastructures: sharing the value of diversity
    P. Antoniadis, S. Fdida, T. Friedman and V. Misra
    Proceedings of ACM CoNEXT 2010 [pdf]

  • Resource Provision and Allocation in Shared Network Testbed Infrastructures
    P. Antoniadis, T. Friedman, and X. Cuvellier
    Workshop on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems (ROADS), 2007 [pdf]

  • See also: http://www.myslice.info and a tutorial on SFA and MySlice at TridentCom 2012 (with J. Auge and T. Friedman)

Social incentives for peer-to-peer systems
  • Incentives for resource sharing in ad hoc networks: going beyond rationality
    Book Chapter. In Boon-Chong Seet (ed.), Moblie Peer-to-Peer Computing for Next Generation Distributed Environments: Advancing Conceptual and Algorithmic Applications. IGI Global Publishing, 2009 [pdf - draft] [publisher]

  • Self-organized virtual communities: Bridging the gap between web-based communities and p2p systems
    P. Antoniadis and B. Le Grand
    International Journal of Web-based Communities (IJWBC) 5(2), 2009 [pdf - draft] [publisher]

  • Community building over Neighborhood Wireless Mesh Networks
    P. Antoniadis, B. Le Grand, A. Satsiou, L. Tassiulas, R. Aguiar, J.P. Barraca, and S. Sargento
    IEEE Technology and Society, 2008 [pdf - draft] [publisher]

Peer-to-peer Economics
  • Economic Modelling and Incentive Mechanisms for Efficient Resource Provision in Peer-to-Peer Systems
    PhD Thesis, Athens University of Economics and Business, April 2006
    [pdf] [official greek version]

  • Enforcing efficient resource provisioning in peer-to-peer file sharing systems
    P. Antoniadis and C. Courcoubetis
    ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, 40(3):67-72, July 2006 [pdf] [publisher]

  • Incentives for Content Availability in Memory-less Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
    P. Antoniadis, C. Courcoubetis, and B. Strulo
    ACM SIGecom Exchanges, 5(4):11-20, July 2005 [pdf] [publisher]

  • Comparing Economic Incentives in Peer-to-Peer Networks
    P. Antoniadis, C. Courcoubetis, and R. Mason
    Computer Networks, Elsevier, 45(1), 133-146, 2004 [pdf] [publisher]

  • See also: http://nes.aueb.gr/p2p.html

High-speed scheduling
  • FIRM: A Class of Distributed Scheduling Algorithms for High-speed ATM Switches with Multiple Input Queues
    D. N. Serpanos and P. Antoniadis
    In Proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2000 [pdf]

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