IfA Coffee Talks

IfA Coffee Talks
Coffee talks at IfA are seminars designed to shed light on the interesting and innovative research going on, both internally at IfA, and also outside of IfA. Everyone is welcome to attend! No registration necessary.


Room: ETL K25
Time: Thursdays 11:00-12:00
Organizer: Orçun Karaca

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If you would like to be informed about upcoming talks, then please send an email to the organizer.

Schedule (2020 Series)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
16.01.2020 Daoyi Dong University of New South Wales Estimation, Control and Learning in Quantum Technology [link for slides]
23.01.2020 Matteo Tacchi RTE, Paris Lasserre Hierarchy for Stability Region Approximation [link for slides]
30.01.2020 Shima Mousavi Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zürich Controllability of Networked Systems Based on Structural Features of Underlying Graphs
06.02.2020 Trevor Zhen IfA Distributionally Robust Nonlinear Optimization
13.02.2020 Ahmed Aboudonia IfA Distributed Model Predictive Control with Reconfigurable Terminal Ingredients for Reference Tracking
20.02.2020 Guillén Gosalbez Gonzalo Institute for Chemical Systems Engineering, ETH Zürich On the Application of Mathematical Programming Techniques in Sustainability Problems
27.02.2020 Didier Henrion LAAS-CNRS An Introduction to the Lasserre (Moments Sums of Squares) Hierarchy in Polynomial Optimization and Control
Seminars are suspended until May.

Schedule (2019 Series)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
17.01.2019 Ghislain Fourny Department of Computer Science, ETH Zürich Non-Nashian Game Theory: Towards Friendly and Trustworthy Robots?
24.01.2019 Jeremy Coulson IfA Data-Enabled Predictive Control: In the Shallows of the DeePC
31.01.2019 Adrian Hauswirth IfA Timescale Separation in Autonomous Optimization
14.02.2019 Benjamin Flamm IfA Two-Stage Approximation of Dual Dynamic Programming with Application to Energy Storage Control
21.02.2019 Andrea Censi Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich Liability, Ethics, and Culture-Aware Behavior Specification using Rulebooks
28.02.2019 Kfir Y. Levy Learning and Adaptive Systems Group, ETH Zürich Online Variance Reduction for Stochastic Optimization
14.03.2019 Angeliki Kamoutsi IfA A Stochastic Convex Optimization Framework for Inverse Optimal Control and Apprenticeship Learning in Large-Scale Markov Decision Processes
21.03.2019 Huang Linbin ​​IfA & Zhejiang University Data-Enabled Predictive Control for Grid-Connected Power Converters
28.03.2019 Martin Larsson ETH Risk Center & Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich Commodity Forward Curve Modeling using Polynomial Processes
04.04.2019 Dengxin Dai ​​Computer Vision Lab, ETH Zürich Autonomous Driving under Adverse Conditions
11.04.2019 Baiwei Guo ​​IfA Actuator Placement for Structural Controllability: Performance Guarantees and Impossibility Results
18.04.2019 Paul Beuchat ​​IfA Point-wise Maximum Approach to Approximate Dynamic Programming
25.04.2019 Guillermo Gallego ​​Dept. Informatics, UZH, and Dept. Neuroinformatics, ETH Zürich and UZH Optimal Piecewise Linear Function Approximation for Real-Time Applications
16.05.2019 Miriam Schlöter Institute for Operations Research, ETH Zürich Flows Over Time and Submodular Function Minimization
23.05.2019 Maryam Sharifi IfA Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems in the Presence of Communication Time Delays
06.06.2019 Peter Bühlmann ​​Seminar für Statistik, ETH Zürich Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional and Heterogeneous Data
13.06.2019 Zhiwu Huang ​​Computer Vision Lab, ETH Zürich Sliced Wasserstein Generative Models for Image Generation and Enhancement
20.06.2019 Pier Giuseppe Sessa IfA Bounding Inefficiency of Equilibria in Continuous Actions Games using Submodularity and Curvature
04.07.2019 Rainer Rees-Mertins ​​E Publishing, ETH Library Open Access Publishing, Funder Requirements and the Research Collection
11.07.2019 Felix Bünning ​​IfA Electrical Reserves with Heat Pumps and Affine Decision Rules - A demonstration of the future role of building energy systems with NEST
25.07.2019 Markus Maier ​​Inspire Autonomous Process Set-up of Machine Tools
15.08.2019 Martin Nägele ​​Institute for Operations Research, ETH Zürich The Travelling Salesman Problem: Recent advances in theory and some applications
29.08.2019 Lukas Hewing ​​Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich Stochastic Model Predictive Control using Probabilistic Reachable Sets: Recursive Feasibility and Closed-loop Constraint Satisfaction
12.09.2019 Kim Peter Wabersich ​​Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich Safe Exploration of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: A Predictive Safety Filter for Learning-Based Control
26.09.2019 Angeliki Kamoutsi ​​IfA Stochastic Convex Optimization for Provably Efficient Apprenticeship Learning
03.10.2019 Sara Van de Geer ​​Seminar für Statistik, ETH Zürich Prediction Bounds for (Higher Order) Total Variation Regularized Least Squares
17.10.2019 Mathias Hudoba de Badyn ​​IfA H2 Performance of Series-Parallel Networks
24.10.2019 Nicoló Pagan ​​IfA Game-Theoretical Inference of Human Behaviour in Social Networks
31.10.2019 Samuel Balula ​​IfA Reference design for closed-loop system optimization
07.11.2019 Christina Heinze-Deml ​​Seminar für Statistik, ETH Zürich Conditional Variance Penalties and Domain Shift Robustness
14.11.2019 Ilija Bogunovic Learning and Adaptive Systems Group, ETH Zürich Robust Sample-Efficient Learning in Uncertain Environments [link for slides]
21.11.2019 Lukas Ortmann ​​IfA Voltage Regulation in Distribution Grids with Networked Generators
28.11.2019 Andrea Martinelli ​​IfA Control of Networked Power Systems: from Energy to Clusters
05.12.2019 Eva Ahbe ​​IfA Region of Attraction Analysis of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems using Polynomial Chaos Expansion

Schedule (2018 Series)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11.01.2018 Tom Sulzer Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories The Importance of Control Theory and Automation Technology for a Drone Startup
18.01.2018 Bala Kameshwar Poolla IfA Virtual Inertia-Optimal Placement Strategies and a Pricing Mechanism
25.01.2018 Nicoló Pagan IfA Social Network Formation: from Individual Incentives to Systemic Stability
08.02.2018 Luca Furieri IfA Synthesizing Robust Distributed Controllers: When is Information Enough?
15.02.2018 Stephen Duncan University of Oxford The Lurie Problem: Some New Results and an Application
22.02.2018 An Bian Institute for Machine Learning, ETH Zürich Guaranteed Non-Convex Optimization via Continuous Submodularity
08.03.2018 Duncan Callaway University of California, Berkeley Model Free Control and Optimization in Electric Distribution Systems
15.03.2018 Donatello Materassi University of Tennessee in Knoxville Learning the Input/Output Structure of a Network from Data
29.03.2018 Enric Sánchez Technical University of Catalonia The Modular Multilevel Converter: Insights and Applications in High Voltage Direct Current
05.04.2018 Eva Ahbe IfA Stability Certificates for Periodic Trajectories of Controlled Power Kite Systems
19.04.2018 Hoda Heidari Institute for Machine Learning, ETH Zürich A Framework for Evaluating Callout Mechanisms in Repeated Auctions
26.04.2018 Marco Hutter Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zürich Legged Locomotion as Optimization Problem
03.05.2018 Andrej Jokic University of Zagreb On Dissipativity and Structure in Analysis and Control of Large-scale Systems
17.05.2018 Felix Rey IfA Strengthening the Group: Aggregated Frequency Reserve Bidding with ADMM
24.05.2018 Annika Eichler IfA Humans in the Loop: How to Consider Thermal Comfort by the Building Energy Management System
31.05.2018 Yvonne Stürz IfA A Framework for Distributed Control Based on Overlapping Estimation
07.06.2018 Brian Fitzpatrick Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zürich Mathematical Analysis of Minnaert Resonances for Acoustic Metamaterials
21.06.2018 Dario Paccagnan IfA Distributed Algorithms and Performance Certificates for a Class of Combinatorial Resource Allocation Problems
28.06.2018 Dongchan Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Convex Restriction of Power Flow Feasibility Set
05.07.2018 Alexander Liniger IfA Optimization-based Collision Avoidance
12.07.2018 Regan Baucke The University of Auckland Minimax Dynamic Programmes on Convex Control Spaces
19.07.2018 Fabien Pean Computer-Assisted Applications in Medicine, ETH Zürich Modelling, Simulation and Control of Musculoskeletal Systems: Application to the Shoulder Joint
26.07.2018 Ashish Kumar Cherukuri IfA Iterative Bidding in Electricity Markets
09.08.2018 Thomas Stastny Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zürich From Guidance to Local Planning: Applying NMPC to Small Fixed-wing UAVs
16.08.2018 Dmitry Shchetinin Power Systems Laboratory, ETH Zürich Efficient Bound Tightening Techniques for Convex Relaxations of AC Optimal Power Flow
23.08.2018 Klaas Enno Stephan Translational Neuromodeling Unit, UZH and ETH Zürich Translational Neuromodeling for Psychiatry and Psychosomatics
06.09.2018 Mauro Salazar Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand
13.09.2018 Zimu Zhou Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETH Zürich A Unified Approach to Route Planning for Ridesharing
20.09.2018 Adam Kurpisz Institute for Operations Research, ETH Zürich Semi-Algebraic Proof Systems for Polynomial Optimization Problems
27.09.2018 Sandro Merkli IfA Globally Optimal AC Power System Upgrade Planning under Operational Policy Constraints
04.10.2018 Goran Banjac IfA Decentralized Resource Allocation via Dual Consensus ADMM
11.10.2018 Arnulf Jentzen Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zürich Stochastic Approximation Algorithms for High-Dimensional Partial Differential Equations
18.10.2018 Wenjun Mei IfA Ockham's Razor in Opinion Dynamics: Modeling and Analysis of the Weighted-Median Influence Process
25.10.2018 Marco Lauricella IfA & Politecnico di Milano A Set Membership Approach to the Identification of Linear Systems with Guaranteed Simulation Accuracy
01.11.2018 Pengling Wang Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zürich Towards Autonomous Driving Trains: Optimization Methods for Energy Efficient Driving
15.11.2018 Roy Smith IfA The Stability of Systems in Stochastic Feedback Loops
22.11.2018 Felix Berkenkamp Learning and Adaptive Systems Group, ETH Zürich Safe Model-Based Learning for Robot Control
29.11.2018 Joseph Paat Institute for Operations Research, ETH Zürich Proximity of optimal solutions of MIPs
06.12.2018 Ilnura Usmanova IfA Safe Convex Learning under Uncertain Constraints
13.12.2018 Joe Warrington IfA Two-Stage Stochastic Approximation for Dynamic Rebalancing of Shared Mobility Systems
20.12.2018 Taouba Jouini IfA Local Synchronisation of Two DC/AC Converters Via Matching Control

Schedules of the previous years are available upon request.