Orçun Karaca, PhD Candidate

Orçun Karaca, PhD Candidate

Orcun Karaca

Orçun Karaca
M.Sc. ETH, Ph.D. Student

Automatic Control Laboratory
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Physikstrasse 3, ETL K12
CH-8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 8661
Email: okaraca@ethz.ch

About me

I am currently a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Prof. Maryam Kamgarpour. My research interests include game theory, optimization, and energy markets.

Recent presentations

August, 2019: ICCOPT, Berlin

January, 2019: INI MESW01, Cambridge, Video Link    


    December, 2018: CDC 2018, Miami Beach    


July, 2018: ISMP 2018, Bordeaux

SA/MA projects

Feel free to send an email to learn more about other SA/MA projects.


Journal articles
"Core-Selecting Mechanisms in Electricity Markets"
O. Karaca, and M. Kamgarpour
Under review for IEEE, 2018 [link]
"Designing Coalition-Proof Reverse Auctions over Continuous Goods"
O. Karaca, P. G. Sessa, N. Walton, and M. Kamgarpour
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2018 [link]
Conference publications
"Actuator Placement for Optimizing Network Performance under Controllability Constraints"
B. Guo, O. Karaca, T. Summers, and M. Kamgarpour
Submitted to IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2019 [link]
"Exploiting Weak Supermodularity for Coalition-Proof Mechanisms"
O. Karaca, and M. Kamgarpour
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2018 [link]
"Game Theoretic Analysis of Electricity Market Auction Mechanisms"
O. Karaca, and M. Kamgarpour
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2017 [link]
"The REPOP Toolbox: Tackling Polynomial Optimization Using Relative Entropy Relaxations"
O. Karaca, G. Darivianakis, P. N. Beuchat, A. Georghiou, and J. Lygeros
IFAC World Congress, 2017 [link] [toolbox]
"Design, Implementation and Characterization of a 3D-Printed AFM Head with Piezotube and Electromagnetic Actuators for Biomolecular Application"
S. Sevim, S. Özer, L. Feng, K. Crawford, O. Karaca, and H. Torun
18th International Microscopy Congress, 2014 [link]

Presentations from previous talks, Master/Semester/Bachelor theses are available upon request.

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