Market Managed Multi-service Internet (M3I)

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M3I is a European Union (EU) project in the 5th Framework of the IST-Program. It is funded for the Swiss partner ETH Zürich, TIK by the Bundesamt füur Bildung und Wissenschaft (BBW) in Bern, Switzerland. The official project identifications are IST-1999-11429 for the EU and 99.0536 for the BBW.

Official Project Pages

The official M3I project's web page for the project partners is maintained by HP Europen Labs.

With proper project authorization check the private M3I project web page (for M3I members only).

Project Overview

Project M3I — Market-Managed Multi-service Internet — aims to design, implement and trial a next-generation system that will enable Internet resource management through market forces, specifically by enabling differential charging for multiple levels of service. The capabilities created by M3I create will increase the value of Internet services to customers through greater choice over price and quality, and reduced congestion. For the network provider, flexibility will be improved, management complexity reduced and hence revenues will increase. Price-based resource management pushes intelligence and hence complexity to the edges of the network, ensuring the same scalability and simplicity of the current Internet. A trial system will be designed and experimented with. It will enable ISPs to explore sophisticated charging options and business models with their customers.

Measurable Improvements for End Users

Measurable Improvements for ISPs

Project Objectives

Using the above platform, we will show to what extent:

Analysis will be performed to show the global stability, fairness and profitability of differential charging and the efficient operation and management of the network, both at the transport and service level.

Current Status

The project started formally on January 1, 2000 and will last until December 31, 2001.

Short Summary

A small 4-page summary, focussing on major M3I goals, its solution proposals, and demonstrators, can be obtained here.

Project Partners

ETH Zürich, TIK:

Hewlett-Packard, European Laboratories:

British Telecommunications plc, BT Labs:

Research Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business, AUEB and ICS Forth, Crete:

Darmstadt University of Technology, Communication System Group:

Telenor, Kjeller:

Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien, FTW:


The current project status with respectto ETH work can be obtained in a great level of detail from the separate
deliverable page and publication page.

Please check there for further information on the Charging and Accounting System, the Cumulus Pricing Scheme, and the ISP Cost Model.

In addition, there is a set of logo formats for M3I available. Please check the alternative formats required.

Related Work

These are some documents related to M3I available

Further Information

A number of interesting links concerned with the M3I technical environment will be complied at this point.

A related US project (1998-1999): Internet DEmand eXperiment (INDEX).

A related Swiss National Science Foundation project (07/1998 - 03/2000): Charging and Accounting Technology for the Internet (CATI).

A related Swiss National Science Foundation project (01/2000 - 12/2001): Advanced Network and Agent Infrastructure for the Support of Federations of Workflow Trading Systems (ANAISOFT).

Project Management

Inquiries may be directed to the local Swiss project management:

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
TIK, ETH Zürich
Gloriastrasse 35
CH-8092 Zürich
Phone: +41 1 632 7016
FAX: +41 1 632 1035

Further inquiries may be directed to the overall M3I project management:

Sandy Johnstone
Hewlett-Packard, European Laboratories
Filton Road, Stoke Gifford
Bristol BS34 8QZ
England, U.K
Phone: +44 117 312 8631
FAX: +44 117 312 9285

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