Bluetooth ROK Tester rev2 Documentation

I have copied the design of the Ericsson Application Toolkit (Sigma-Teleca AppTK) for testing Ericsson ROK 101 007 and 101 008 Bluetooth modules. There are a few changes and extra features:

Using the BTtester

You will need to insert an Ericsson Bluetooth ROK module into the module carrier. This works just like SIM card holder. Then set the ON signal to VCC3.3 to enable the Bluetooth module. This is done with jumper on the top in the following picture. The serial port plugs in to J2 using a null modem cable with the 2-3 and 7-8 pairs crossed. The power supply can be disabled with the lower jumper in the picture below.

Power can be applied to pins 1 and 10 on J5 or via a USB connector. To use USB you will need to set the DETACH signal to GND using a third jumper.


On Board Antenna

The antenna was designed with the help of Mathias Fries at IFH who did the simulation. It is an inverted F antenna designed on to the FR4 just like the Ericsson one on the Application Toolkit.

Here are some of the measured plots of the antenna:

Watch out, the antenna is a little bit too short for optimal transmission. It should be about a factor of 2.67/2.5= 1.068 longer. The next revision will have this fixed.

Design Documents for the Bluetooth ROK Tester rev2

If someone is interested in the Gerber files for reproduction, please email me.

Old Documentation of rev1

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