Geolocation Resources

The NetSim Framework

Poster on Distributed Positioning from the NCCR Fall Review 2002 [pdf]

Related Research Groups

Wireless Sensor Networks Projects

Ad-Hoc Multihop Routing

Geolocation Research Overview

I collected some of the relevant publications concerning geolocation and ad-hoc networking in this section. It is intended to give a brief overview on the people involved in this field and their approaches, goals and applications. You will not be able to download any of these files outside our domain since some are copyrighted, but you should be able to find the originals with the authors/publications. Otherwise email me. (The copyright lies with the respective owners of each publication.)


Related Student Projects at ETH ordered by supervisor

Jan Beutel - TIK

Benni Stauffer - TIK

Kay Römer - Distributed Systems Group

Oliver Kasten - Distributed Systems Group

Philipp Blum - TIK

Herbert Walder

Vincent Lenders - TIK

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