Romain Jacob

Thesis supervision

I am to be responsible for supervising students during their semester and master thesis. You will find on this page available, ongoing and past thesis I have been involved in.

If you have in mind a specific topic of interest related to mine, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always interested by motivated students :-)


Your network, predictable or adaptive, Sir? I will have both, thank you.

[Master thesis]


Creating a flexible middleware for low-power flooding protocols

Jonas Bächli

[Master Thesis]



Unleashing the potential of Real-time Internet of Things

Andreas Biri

[Semester project]

Real-time Network Functions for the Internet of Things

Fabian Walter

[Semester project]

Fault-tolerance mechanisms for flooding-based wireless communication protocols

Alexander Dietmüller

[Semester project]


A Protocol Gateway for the Internet of Things

Jonas Bächli

[Semester project]


I am involved as teaching assistant in the following lectures from the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology department.

FS 17

Low-Power System Design

HS 15-17

Discrete Event Systems

FS 17

Embedded Systems