Romain Jacob

PhD student and Research assistant at TIK, ETH Z├╝rich, under Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele's supervision.


What's Up

Feb 06

Thesis reports available and new proposals

The reports of the thesis I suppervised last semester are now online.

Looking for a semester/master project for next fall? I have two projects available, and you can find more cool projects on our lab webpage.

Jun 22

FameLab Switzerland Finalist

The FameLab competition started in 2005 from an original idea at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Its purpose is to nurture the communication of science by identifying and training talented young people working in science.

Read a bit more about it and check-out the video!

Dec 13

Thesis opening

Looking for a semester project in spring? Check this one out!
Real-time Network Functions for the Internet of Things

You can find other cool projects on our lab webpage.

Dec 03


UPDATE The slides from the talk are now available.

Our paper End-to-end Real-time Guarantees in Wireless Cyber-physical Systems got accepted for RTSS 2016. Final version of the paper is now online.

Oct 10

Invited Talk at RPS 16

Prof. Thiele was invited speaker at the last 27th International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP) last October. He gave a talk On platforms for CPS - adaptive, predictable and efficient. Check out the extended abstract.

Jul 25

IJCIM - Paper accepted

Our paper Observable Feedback Control of discrete processes under time constraint: Application to Cluster Tools got accepted for publication in the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (IJCIM).

Jul 11

Big website update

Almost a V2.0! Check-out my updated research page, including now the talks I gave and all my presentation slides.

Jun 16

ECRTS 16 - Work-in-Progress paper

Our paper Towards Real-time Wireless Cyber-physical Systems got accepted for the WiP Session of ECRTS 2016

May 31

Thesis opening

Check out my new semester thesis project:
Outsourcing Scheduling - a Key to efficient Wireless Protocol Implementation and Testing

You can check out other cool projects on the lab webpage.

May 25

Nano-Tera "My Thesis in 180s" Finalist

Organized for the first time in 2016 by Nano-Tera, the contest
My Thesis in 180s is an increasingly well-known contest for dissemination of science.

Read a bit more about it and check-out the video!

Nov 16

Thesis opening

Together with Felix Sutton, we offer a new semester thesis: A Protocol Gateway for the Internet of Things.

You can check out other cool projects on the lab webpage.

Nov 25

Personal webpage (finally...) online

After a somewhat long development time, here we are!


ETH Zurich, ETZ G75
Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich



+41 44 63 27038

Last lecture notification

Feb 07
The semester touches its end.
Don't forget to fill the feedback forms for the DES exam!