I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:
  Hardware/Software Codesign: HS 2015, HS 2016.
  VLSI 1: FS 2016, FS 2017.
  P&S - Programming Microcontrollers: HS 2015, FS 2016, FS 2017.

I have also coordinated the following courses:
  VLSI 2: HS 2015, HS 2016.

Student Projects

Prospective Students:
Interested in a bachelor or master thesis project in energy harvesting, batteryless embedded systems, or low power system design? Just write me an email or stop by my office for a chat. You can also check out the Computer Engineering Group and Digital Circuits and Systems Group websites.

Past Projects:
Over the past few years, I have co-advised the following (selected) theses:

  1. Patroklos Anagnostou. DAS thesis. HS 2017.
    Smart Energy Management for Transiently Powered IoT Nodes.
  2. Samuel Riedl. Semester thesis. HS 2017.
    Emulation of Distributed Energy Harvesting Systems.
  3. Hanna Mueller. Semester thesis. HS 2017.
    Design of a PULP-Shield for Autonomous nano-UAV's.
  4. Bence Szebedy. Semester thesis. HS 2017.
    Towards Autonomous Navigation for Nano-Blimps.
  5. Praveenth Sanmugarajah. Master thesis. FS 2017.
    Advanced State Retention for Transient Computing Systems.
  6. Matthias Leubin. Master thesis. FS 2017.
    Automated Energy Harvesting Source Characterization.
  7. Jan-Philipp Schulze. Semester thesis. FS 2017.
    Harvesting-Driven Long-Range Communication.
  8. Carlo Signer. Bachelor thesis. FS 2017.
    Batteryless Bluetooth Low Energy Communication.
  9. Seraina Schweizer. Semester thesis. FS 2017.
    Design of a Hybrid Transient Vision Node.
  10. Nicolas Munoz Felder. Semester thesis. FS 2017.
    Human Body Energy Harvesting.
  11. Alexander Sage. Semester thesis. HS 2016.
    Neural Network Based People Recognition on a Low Power Platform.
  12. Kevin Keller. Semester thesis. HS 2016.
    Towards Self-Sustainable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  13. Florian Amstutz and Mario Coray. Joint semester thesis. FS 2016.
    Energy Management for Low Power Harvesting Scenarios.
  14. Matthias Leubin and Stefan Lippuner. Joint semester thesis. FS 2016.
    Mobile Data-Logger for Ultra-Low Current and Power Measurements.
  15. Andrawes Al Bahou. Group project. FS 2016.
    Heterogeneous Transient Systems.
  16. Marc Beusch. Semester thesis. FS 2016.
    Power-Aware Scheduling for Transient Systems.
  17. Fabian Schleiss. Semester thesis. FS 2016.
    Implementing Hibernation on the ARM Cortex-M0+.
  18. Thomas Schalch. Master thesis. FS 2016.
    Transiently Powered and Wearable Device for Ultra-Low Power Vision Sensing .
  19. Praveenth Sanmugarajah and Marc Urech. Joint semester thesis. HS 2015.
    Code Generation and Optimisation on Asymmetric Dual-Core Platforms.
  20. Vasileios Glykantzis. Semester thesis. FS 2015.
    Peformance/Energy Trade-offs in Novel Microcontroller Platforms .
  21. Cindy Karina and Zuo Haochen. Joint semester thesis. FS 2015.
    Transiently Powered Systems: Theory and Design.
  22. Yin Zhang. Semester thesis. FS 2015.
    Novel Non-Volatile Memory Characterization for Ultra Low Power Systems.
  23. Xin Wen. Semester thesis. FS 2015.
    Extending BAN Nodes’ Lifetime Using Wake-up Radio.
  24. Renzo Andri. Master Thesis. HS 2014.
    Design and Implementation of a Multi-Sensor Low-Power Smartwatch.
  25. Lukas Sigrist. Master thesis. HS 2014.
    Multisensors Smart Device With Ultra Low Power Camera Supplied from Energy Harvesters.

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