Selected Talks

  1. Learning the Globally Optimal Distributed LQ Regulator
    2nd Learning For Dynamics and Control Conference, 2020, Berkeley (online), USA
    December, 2019

  2. An Input-Output Parametrization of Stabilizing Controllers: amidst Youla and System Level Synthesis
    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2019, Nice, France
    December, 2019

  3. On separable quadratic Lyapunov functions for convex design of distributed controllers
    European Control Conference (ECC), 2019, Naples, Italy
    June, 2019

  4. Robust distributed control beyond quadratic invariance
    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2018, Miami, USA
    December, 2018

  5. Synthesizing Robust Distributed Controllers: Information Structures, Convexity and Performance Bounds
    Seminar Talk at Oxford University, 2018, Oxford, UK
    August, 2018