IACS Working Group on
Glacier Ice Thickness Estimation
Deadlines and Outlook

Task A (model intercomparison)

ITMIX2 - the second phase of the Ice Thickness Models Intercomparison eXperiment (ITMIX) - has been lauched.
Detailed information on ITMIX2 is available here.

Results to be returned by 01 October 2018.

- ITMIX2-results to be evaluated.

Task B (associate thickness to the RGI)

Currently no deadline.
(Deadline for submitting results to the Global Glacier Thickness Initiative (G2TI) expired on 30 March 2018.)

- The goal is to provide a RGI-wide ice thickness estimate by RGI version 7.0.

Task C (GlaThiDa extension)

Data for GlaThiDa version 3.0 to be provided by 01 August 2018.
Instructions are found here.

GlaThiDa version 3.0 to be released in late 2018.


Currently no other deadline.

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