Nonlinear Systems and Control (227-0207)



Lecturers: Assistants: Ahmed Aboudonia, Anil Parsi, Samuel Balula, IfA

Final Exam: Semester: Spring 2021



Lecture Notes for Spring 2021

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Schedule for Spring 2021

Date Lectures
26.02.2021 Intro limit cycles and bifurcations
05.03.2021 Local and Global Existence and Uniqueness of ODE Systems
12.03.2021 Lyapunov I
19.03.2021 Lyapunov II
26.03.2021 Dissipativity
16.04.2021 Linearization, Integral Control and Gain Scheduling
23.04.2021 Feedback Linearization
30.04.2021 Sliding Mode Control
07.05.2021 Optimal Control
14.05.2021 SDRE, nonlinear H–infinity control
21.05.2021 Nonlinear MPC
28.05.2021 State Estimation
04.06.2021 Review Session

Course material source

The course material can be found in the following reference books:

Further references: Here are some MATLAB files that we use in the simulations in class.

Exercise Sessions for Spring 2021

Date Topic Solutions Assisstant
05.03.2021 Introduction
12.03.2021 Ordinary Differential Equations
19.03.2021 Lyapunov Stability Theory I
26.03.2021 Lyapunov Stability Theory II
16.03.2021 Dissipative Systems
23.04.2021 Linearization, Integral Control and Gain Scheduling
30.04.2021 Feedback Linearization
07.05.2021 Sliding Mode Control
14.05.2021 Optimal Control
21.05.2021 State–Dependent Riccati Equation, H–Infinity Control
28.05.2021 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
04.06.2021 State Estimation and Observers