My main interest is medical imaging, I am interested in disease prediction in longitudinal studies from images.

I am currently overseen a cooperation project between ETH and the African Institute for Mathematical Science called DocmeUP

I worked on a Ultrasound project related to novel method for measuring Periferal Venous Pressure called Veinpress, which won the CTI prize 2014 as best MedTech product in Switzerland

Read my tutorial about silicon phantom and let me know if you have improvements tutorial

I teach the course of pattern recognition

as part of the Master program in math at the African Institute of Math Science in Ghana.

Recent Conferences:

"Automatic tracking for peritumoral fibers based on the Simple Harmonic Oscillator based Reconstruction and Estimation basis." E.. A. Konditty, E. Bonuedie, David Stern, and A. Crimi. MICCAI DTI-Challenge, Boston, USA, 2014.

"Vessel tracking for Ultrasound-based venous pressure measurement." A.Crimi, M. Makhinya, U. Baumann, G. Szekely, and O. Goksel. International symposium on biomedical imaging, Beijing, China, 2014.

"Classification of Multiple sclerosis lesions evolution in patients with clinically isolated syndrome ." A.Crimi, O.Commowick, J.C.Ferre, A.Maarouf, G.Edan, C.Barillot. SPIE Medical Imaging 2013, Orlando, USA, 2013.

"Semi automatic classification of Multiple sclerosis lesion pattern in patients with clinically isolated syndrome." A.Crimi, O.Commowick, J.C.Ferre, A.Maarouf, G.Edan, C. Barillot. International symposium on biomedical imaging, SanFrancisco, USA, 2013.

"Prior knowledge regularization in statistical medical image tasks." A.Crimi, J.Sporring, Bruijne, M.Lillholm, M.Nielsen MICCAI 2009,PMMIA, London, UK, 2009

"Bayes estimation of shape model with application to vertebrae boundaries." A.Crimi, A.Ghosh, J.Sporring, and M.Nielsen. SPIE Medical Imaging 2009, Orlando, USA, 2009.


Recent Journals:

"Predictive value of imaging markers at Multiple Sclerosis disease onset based on Gadolinium and USPIO enhanced MRI and on machine learning." Alessandro Crimi, Olivier Commowick, Jean-Christoph Ferre, Adil Maarouf, Gilles Edan, Christian Barillot., PLOS-ONE, 2014.

"A bayesian framework for automated cardiovascular risk scoring on standard lumbar radiographs." Petersen, Kersten, Melanie Ganz, Peter Mysling, Mads Nielsen, Lene Lillemark, Alessandro Crimi, and Sami S. Brandt. Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on 31, no. 3 (2012): 663-676.

"Shape-based Assessment of Vertebral Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women Using Discriminative Shape Alignment." Crimi, Alessandro, Marco Loog, Marleen de Bruijne, Mads Nielsen, and Martin Lillholm. Academic radiology (2012).

"Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Linear Shape Variation With Application to Vertebra and Cartilage Modeling." Crimi, Alessandro, Martin Lillholm, Mads Nielsen, Anarta Ghosh, Marleen de Bruijne, Erik B. Dam, and Jon Sporring, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 30, no. 8 (2011): 1514-1526.

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