Personal Website of ANDREAS BAUDER

I'm a senior research associate with the Section of Glaciology at VAW / ETH Zürich:


Research interests:   Glacier dynamics; mass balance methods for measurements and modelling; past glacier evolution; response of glaciers to climate variations; glacier hydrology; glacier hazards; remote sensing; application of geophysical, surveying and remote sensing methods on glaciers



Regional differences of mass balance and their impact on the past and future evolution of glaciers in Switzerland

Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network

Mass Balance Studies on Griesgletscher and Silvrettagletscher

Variations of Grosser Aletschgletscher

BigLink: Biosphere-Geosphere interactions: Linking climate change, weathering, soil formation and ecosystem evolution

Glaciological Investigations at Glacier du Giétro and Glacier de Corbassière

Monitoring Changes of Allalingletscher in Connection with the Danger of Large Ice Falls from its Tongue

Glacier Outburst Floods: A Study of the Processes controlling the Drainage of Glacier-dammed Lakes

Glaciological and Hydraulic Investigations in Connection with the Danger of Ice Avalanches falling in a recently formed Proglacial Lake

completed projects:

Mass Balance Determination using Photogrammetric Methods and Numerical Flow Modeling

Numerical Modelling Investigations of the Conditions under the Southern Laurentide Ice Sheet

Permafrost Temperature Monitoring in Alpine Rock Walls: Borehole Temperature Measurement in the East Ridge of Jungfrau